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2023 IMC scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 Class: Allan Jeronimo Hernandez & Gerardo Saavedra Tapia

This is the third year, we are offering scholarships to exceptional high school students to attend College. We are pleased to announce the 2023 recipients:

Allan Jeronimo Hernandez - University of California Davis

Allan is a hardworking student and empathetic person who volunteered as an afterschool tutor to help fellow students gain confidence. He is planning on studying biology at UC Davis and becoming a dermatologist in the future so that he can help young people avoid the shame and negative self-esteem that comes with skin problems.

Gerardo Saavedra Tapia - University of California Davis

Gerardo is a persevering and brilliant student whose goal is to study Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis. He grew up on a farm in Mexico and he hopes to use his studies to fight climate change, conserve water, and develop sustainable agriculture through improving irrigation systems. He has developed some enriching experience in building through volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and an internship with the San Francisco Planning Department.


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